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If students see someone that needs help, then help out. If they see something not right, tell your parents or teacher. I finished telling them that they can be the ones to bring kindness into the world. In younger classes, the kids took the words as compliments. In older classes, it opened dialog with their class that kids needed to express. Many teachers shared that their class had deep and important discussions. This was just a first step, but we have more to take in supporting our students. There are a few concrete ways that we are working to support students.

First, we will be meeting with police officers to discuss safety at school.

5 Tough Gun Questions Obama Tackled at Thursday’s Town Hall

We will look at the specific needs that Prestwood might have in the case of an emergency. We have a fire or earthquake drill every month. We also practice lock-down drills to simulate a campus threat at least twice each year. Finally, our school counselor is available to meet with any students that need to talk with someone. The resources below might help with good advice for navigating this tough situation. Most experts agree on some basics: listen, be honest, and reassure your child about goodness in the world.

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Most of all, hug your child and remember that every day we have with them is a gift. Please enter the email address for your Disqus account to join the comments. A Sonoma principal tackles the toughest topic. How do we support them?

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You must be logged in as a subscriber to access the comments section. Learn why. Please enter the email address for your Disqus account to join the comments Email Continue. Your access to the comments section has been restricted. Learn more. Senate races, analysts say his comeback bid is likely to fall short. Every public opinion poll since June has shown Arpaio, 86, in third place among Republicans seeking the seat held by Republican U. Senator Jeff Flake, who is retiring after tangling with Trump over the past two years. The other two candidates in the race - U.

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Representative Martha McSally and former state Senator Kelli Ward - have largely ignored Arpaio as they focus their attacks on each other. Trump has not endorsed anyone in the race.

People Answer the Hardest Miss Universe Questions! (subtítulos en español)

Republican activists accuse the former sheriff of playing the role of spoiler, splitting the conservative vote and boosting the chances of McSally, the more moderate candidate. The lack of attention from his opponents and media outlets frustrates Arpaio - as does the spoiler tag, which he calls an insult. The victor in the Republican primary will likely face Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in a race that could determine which party controls the U.

Senate after the Nov. The death on Saturday of Republican U.